<April 2021>Library Workshop : How to Search for Academic Papers 1〜16/16  

The results of this questionnaire would be used for the purpose of improving the workshop.
They are analyzed anonymously and might publish as statistics or a report.

Q1.Write your department name / faculty name(required)

Q2.Select your position.(required)

Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student(Master Course)
Graduate Student(Doctor Course)
Faculty Member
Adminstrative Staff
Research Staff
Research Student

Q3.Date of the workshops you joined(required)

Friday, April 16th

Q4.What tools do you usually use for searching documents? You may choose multiple answers.(required)

Web of Science
Google Scholar
World Contents (Kyushu University Discovery Service)
Collections (Kyushu Universiy Library Catalog)
CiNii Articles or CiNii Books
No Tool

Q5.Evaluate Today's Workshop.

  (1)How was the workshop?(required)

Very Good   Good   Not so good   Bad  

  (2)Was the shared screen on PC easy to see?(required)

Easy   Not Easy   Neutral  

  (3)Were the handouts for exercises easy to understand?(required)

Easy   Not Easy   Neutral  

  (4)Was the lecturer's voice clear?(required)

Clear   Not Clear   Neutral  

  (5)How was the time length of the workshop?(required)

Good   Too Long   Too Short  

  (6)How was the speed of the workshop?(required)

Good   Too Fast   Too Slow  

  (7)Was the workshop content the same as you expected?(required)

The Same as I expected.   Different from what I expected.   Neutral  

  (8)Was the workshop content useful for your research life?(required)

Very Useful   Useful   Not so useful   Useless  

  (9)Which part of the workshop was useful to you?

  (10)Make any comment on the workshop. (especially, when our workshop was different from what you expected.)

Q6.How did you know this workshop? You may choose multiple answers.(required)

Library Website
Poster or leaflet at the library
Email from the library
Library Twitter
Website of your department
Poster or leaflet at your department
Email from your department
Recommendation from professors or teachers
Recommendation from friends, classmates, or colleague
Student Portal

Q7.What kind of workshops do you want to join? What contents? When? Where?